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Phoenix Arizona

Many people don’t know what to expect on a hot air balloon ride.  Arizona Hot Air Balloons has made this very informative balloon ride itinerary page for you to pass on to your family or balloon ride party.

We understand that you may not know what to expect while on a hot air balloon ride in AZ.  Not to worry, we have you covered and look forward to sharing this memorable occasion with you!

By now you have spoke with our staff and you know the date and the time of your balloon ride and you misplaced your balloon ride itinerary.

Check you clocks and watches

We need you to make sure that you synchronize your watch or time piece to reflect Arizona time. Please note that Arizona does not observe daylight savings time.  We never “Spring forward and Fall back”.  Our time is always our time.

(please check your clock)

***Note Cell Phones sometimes need to be restarted to register the AZ time***

Please note our 48 hour cancellation policy

We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

If in the event you have to cancel, please

do it before the start of the 48 hours before the flight.

You will be financially responsible for no shows and cancellations inside the 48 hours, and passenger counts less than the amount you booked for.  We don’t steal you money, and head for the hills.

We issues you a in house credit for a balloon ride.  We understand things happen and we will make every effort to help you with any issues.

During that time we are assigning balloons to their respective passengers.  Those passengers are anticipating your participation and we have sent the right hot air balloon out for the weight we have accounted for.

***Note punctuality is imperative***

Hot air balloons have a very time sensitive window that we can fly.  We need everyone to be at the location at the time given to make sure we launch at the right time.  This is for the safety of the passengers on the hot air balloon flight.

In the past we have had to leave passengers to observe the safety and we will not hesitate to leave your party if you are straggling. We just can not wait.

******Please note what to bring*******

Closed toed shoes

Where we land there is uneven ground and cactus. During your balloon ride, you should have a sneaker or shoe that has a closed toed shoe to protect your feet. NO high heels, sandals, or crocks on our hot air balloon rides.

Hat and Sunglasses

We suggest a hat and sunglasses for comfort during our hot air balloon rides.  Between the sunrise and the burners, we want you to be protected.

Camera and Film

Bring your camera and film and all the extras.  Once you are in the hot air balloon you are a captive audience for about an hour and a half.  We can’t just land and go into a store for these items.

Be prepared for your balloon ride photos, it is not uncommon to take several hundred photos during your balloon ride with us.

 Dress in layers

 Its a misconception that its freezing cold in the air while you are taking your hot air balloon ride.  Its only about 10 degrees colder in the air than it is on the ground.

So we suggest that you dress in layers and make sure they are removable.  Between the sunrise and the 22 million BTU from the balloon burners, it will knock the chill off your spine and will be cozy!

Bring your payment with you onto the balloon flight

Bring your payment onto the flight with you.  Just because you used a credit card to make the reservation, does not mean you have paid for it.  As an industry standard, you will pay the day of the flight.

This helps us keep the cost down for our customers, and we pass the savings down to you!  We take all forms of payment for your balloon ride EXCEPT for personal checks.

Balloon rides are tax free!

That is right! You have found something that is truly tax free.  There is no taxes in a hot air balloon ride because it is a service and not something you are purchasing.

Balloon Ride Gratuity

Gratuity is customary but not expected. It takes 2 crew members and 1 pilot to make your memory possible.  Often our customers ask us what is the normal?

We have had balloon ride passengers on fixed incomes scratching off their bucket list that could not leave anything.  We have had very wealthy passengers leave a lot more.  Its not about the money but about your experience.  Arizona hot Air Balloons staff enjoy seeing your smiles knowing we made it possible.

We tell passengers that if they had a good time, gratuity is a great way to say thank you.  You can use cash or you can add it to your card you use on the day of your balloon ride.  Remember that gratuity is NEVER pre billed like some of the other companies out here to chose from.

Arizona Hot Air Balloons NEVER pre bill the gratuity for our balloon rides.  Gratuity is the only other thing you might be interested in spending with us above the competitive rate of the balloon ride cost.

Meeting location

Our meeting location is the Deer valley airport. Its a safe place for your vehicle and a large icon on the map for our visitors to phoenix AZ.  The balloon ride itinerary meeting address is

702 W Deer Valley Rd Phoenix AZ 85023

When you come into the airport, turn left and there will be a stop sign.  Come through the stop sign and stay to the left on the access road.  Come down about 100 yards to the second stop sign.

Turn right and there are signs that say “balloon ride parking”.  There will one of our professional staff members there to sign you in, and they will shuttle to your hot air balloon to meet the pilot and the crew. It will be there you will receive your safety briefing.

Print this balloon ride itinerary.

Gentle Breezes and we look forward to meeting you!

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Remember that you have a friend in the ballooning business!