Hot Air balloon Specials

In the US, you can expect to pay somewhere between $225 and $275 per person for a balloon flight shared with other passengers. Not in Arizona!!

Prices will often vary based off of your location. This is because some states have a very shore hot air balloon season. Some states only have a few weeks to a few months for hot air balloon flights. In Arizona we have the most consistent lush Arizona weather year round. We have multiple customers throughout multiple days of the year, that allows us to share the cost of doing business with a large audience.

This Arizona weather allows us to fly over 340 flights a year! Even though our sunset balloon rides are seasonal, our sunrise balloon rides are year round. This allows us to offer discounts deals on hot air balloon rides in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas.

Most flights in Arizona range from 155.00 to 210.00 a person. They will be more if you get into a private hot air balloon ride package. They can also be a lot more if you use get caught in the nation wide gift certificate companies or groupon. Don’t use these services, as they inflate the cost way more than calling us direct.

We do not accept nation wide gift certificate companies or groupon. All the reasons are clearly explained on the link at the bottom of this page.

We are very passionate about what we do. We earn a little of your hard earned money, doing what we love to do. When you come for your hot air balloon ride, we treat you like family from our first handshake until our last hug goodbye.

We understand that you have a choice of hot air balloon ride companies. We give you our oath, you are going to love your hot air balloon flight with us!

Please be a smart consumer, before you make your decision in a hot air balloon company. We ask that you take the time to protect yourself against the fraud that you could possibly get caught up in.

Take the time and read our buyer beware page. After reading the page you will be assured that we have your best interest in mind. We want to make sure that you and your family are protected for this balloon ride experience. Everything we do is transparent and you will have everything in black and white emailed to you.

Your best option is to reach out to us. Call us and we can go over our custom packages we have. We understand that trends and economics change. We fluctuate our prices to fit your need, never judging a customer by their pocket book.

It does not matter how much money you have, everyone is treated to the same amazing experience.

Please give us a call! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Remember…. You have a friend in the ballooning business!

Gentle Breezes

Arizona Hot Air Balloons.