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Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Rides
Phoenix Arizona Hot Air Balloon Rides

Phoenix Arizona Hot Air Balloon Rides are more than a city flight!

Phoenix Arizona hot air balloon rides are more than a city flight. Often our customers ask us if we fly over the congested city of Phoenix Arizona. The answer is simply no.

We get you away from the city. Our idea of a beautiful flight is over the beautiful Sonroan Desert Preserve. Away from the pools & roof top views, barking dogs. You want to have a beautiful Arizona balloon tour.

We understand you want to come home with photos of the saguaro cactus, Palo Verde trees, coyotes, javelina, and wild burros that learned to thrive in the harsh desert environment. They were left from the original Spanish settlers.

Original Arizona Burros | Phoenix Arizona

The original Spanish settlers burros

The image of the cowboy riding off into the sunset has been a part of America’s soul since Hollywood made its first Western. And the picture of the gold prospector walking along side his trusty burro, out to seek his fortune, remains ingrained in our nation’s past.

Even today, the thunderous galloping of wild horses across the desert plains continues to serve as a backdrop for the southwest’s stage.  But these animals aren’t just characters in a film or photographs in a history book.  Instead, they continue to thrive as part of our nation’s heritage.

The BLM protects, manages and controls wild horses and burros under the authority of the 1971 wild free-roaming horses & burros act to ensure that healthy herds thrive on healthy range lands.  The 1976 Federal Land Policy and Management Act designated the BLM as the agency responsible for managing the program.
Original Wild horse round up Phoenix Arizona

Original Wild horse round up Phoenix Arizona

In Arizona, the BLM manages two wild horse herds totaling approximately 250 head in the Cerbat Mountains, northwest of Kingman and nestled between the Cibola Wildlife Refuge and the Army’s Yuma Proving Ground.  In addition, the BLM manages about 4,800 head of wild burros roaming public lands in seven herd management areas and three herd areas.
One of the BLM’s major responsibilities is to determine the “appropriate management level” for wild horses and burros on the public range lands. Because these animals have virtually no natural predators, their herd sizes can double nearly every four years.  It is the BLM’s role to make certain the number of wild horses and burros exists in a balance with other public land resources and uses.
We get you out over the beautiful Sonoran Desert to learn about its rich history and wildlife.
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