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Many of our visitors call with one concern. They are smart shoppers and they are looking for a hot air balloon ride discount. Hot air balloon price shopping is the sure fire way to get yourself into trouble.

Recently we have seen an influx of balloon ride customers looking for the cheapest hot air balloon ride in Arizona. They end up stuck in surfing the internet to find the best price. They often resort to groupon or other discount sites to find the cheapest hot air balloon ride.

What is waiting for them is unknown to them.

Price is that you pay, but is value what you get?

Companies use groupon to scam customers. They will open fake websites and go live on groupon selling a lot of items. If an item is sold for 100.00 for example, the vendor only gets 50.00 of it.

Groupon has approached on numerous occasions and asked us to advertise with them. In the hot air balloon industry, companies that are financially distressed will resort to these ads to generate fast money.

You are visiting and you are anticipating on taking a hot air balloon ride in Phoenix AZ. When in reality you go home with an over priced piece of paper that can not be redeemed.

Its a tangible item once the sale is complete, and getting your money back is like waiting for congress to move. Winning a credit card dispute for your hot air balloon ride certificate is next to impossible.

The groupon model works great on a breakfast or a spa day. Its a nightmare for aviation. Hot air balloon companies look forward to you forgetting about the certificate and for you to go away. Balloon companies that offer these balloon ride discounts do not take you as a serious customer.

The balloon company will use all the excuses in the world to not fly you. Many times they will use you as a fill in option. Keep in mind, you will get bumped for a full fare paying customer.

Essentially, your dream family hot air balloon ride will end in disappointment.

DO NOT get caught in the web of deceit of groupon’s and nation wide hot air balloon ride gift certificates in Phoenix Arizona.

Please read our Buyer Beware page before you choose your provider.

Call us direct for hot air balloon ride discounts and prices.

We have specials that change all the time, one of our friendly staff members will custom build the Phoenix Arizona hot air balloon ride around your needs. Team builders, family, or couple balloon rides.


Remember, you have a friend in the ballooning business!